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Details of the Safety Incentive Program

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Safety in the construction industry is something that needs to be the concern of everyone, from the top levels of management to the workers in the field. It is, however, you, the field workers, who have the greatest impact on safety at the work sites and are also affected the most by unsafe situations. You work with equipment and in situations every day that, if not handled with maximum concern for safety, can have a serious impact on you, your family and your future. Most of you already have good safety records and we want to help you maintain that record. We must also recognize that there are always areas where improvements can be made. We encourage each of you to take a hard look at your own work habits and surroundings and make sure that you are not putting yourself or your fellow workers in danger. If you are uncertain about what are considered to be good safety practices, ask for a copy of our safety regulations. We encourage every worker to be alert to safety issues and to make recommendations about improving safety conditions.


Woodall Construction Co. needs you! We need you here or you would not have been hired. In order for the company to work at its most efficient level, we need everyone here, every day, and on time. Your fellow workers, crew, depend on everyone's efforts, and in order for those efforts to be at their best, a full crew is essential.

We do, however, recognize that things may come up that prevent someone from coming in either on time or at all. Cars break down, inclement weather causes problems, and people get sick. We understand all of these but we can only understand them if we know about them. It is, and has been for years, company policy that you must call in any tardiness or absence within one hour of your designated start time. This policy is therefore part of this safety program. Be sure you read below how not doing this can affect your rewards and then be sure you call your supervisor or the office so you will not be penalized. Please be aware that excessive excuses may require written proof, i.e. doctor's note, upon your return to work.

About Work Safe Plus

Work Safe Plus! is a points based incentive program designed to recognize and reward those of you who maintain good safety and attendance records. Starting the week of April 3rd, 2000 you will start accumulating points that can be redeemed at any time for valuable items. Points do not need to be used the same year they are earned. If an employee leaves voluntarily, they may redeem their remaining points at that time. An employee who is involuntarily separated from employment will forfeit their remaining points.

Quality is assured

You select from a large selection of high quality brand name items (fresh selection each year). Every item is guaranteed to arrive as ordered (without defect or damage) or a replacement item will be sent immediately, and without question. We will hold quarterly safety meetings and will present your rewards to you at those meetings. If you wish to redeem some or all of your safety points just fill out a selection form and turn it in at least two weeks prior to a regular safety meeting.

How the program works

For each day you work without a lost time accident, safety violation, unexcused absence, or being late for work, you will be awarded incentive points. In addition, if you maintain a perfect safety and attendance record for an entire year you will earn additional bonus points. The number of points you receive each day increases when you maintain a good safety and attendance record over a number of consecutive pay periods as outlined in the following schedule:

Level Consecutive Pay Periods Points Per Day
Training Camp 1-6 1
Rookie 7-12 2
2nd String 13-20 3
1st String 21-30 4
Championship Team 31-40 5
All Star Team 41-52 6
Super Star More than 1 year 6 (plus annual bonus)

Safety violations, lost time accidents, unexcused absences or lateness during a pay period will result in no points being awarded for that pay period and dropping back two levels in the above point schedule. Points will be awarded for each day you work, including overtime days, according to the following safety and attendance rules:

Qualifying factors Points earned for day No points earned for day No points earned for pay period, drop back 2 levels
At work and on time X
Paid vacation or holiday X
Absent / late for work (Excused) X
Sick leave / family leave X
Disability leave X
Jury duty / military duty X
Laid off X
Safety violation or lost-time accident X
Absent / late for work (Unexcused) X

For example, if you qualify for 30 pay periods in a row you will be on the 1st String, will be earning 4 points per day, and would have accumulated the following number of points (not counting any overtime days or excused absence days):

1 point each day (5 points per week) for weeks 1-6 = 30 points
2 points each day (10 points per week) for weeks 7-12 = 60 points
3 points each day (15 points per week) for weeks 13-20 = 120 points
4 points each day (20 points per week) for weeks 21-30 = 200 points

For a total of: 400 points

If at that time you failed to qualify for a pay period you would not earn any points for that pay period, revert back to Rookie status (pay period 7), and would begin earning 2 points per day.

To view your individual point total, go to All Star Rewards.